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23 2014 Apr

Our 3D animation featured on TED Talks

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The TED Talks forum was recently hosted in Whistler BC. Our client, General Fusion was asked to speak about their innovative fusion reactor which has the potential to provide cheap, unlimited power. Best Industrial Graphics created a 3D animation to help describe their technology, and was featured in their talk. Check out their TED talk, you’ll see our animation shown at the 11:00 minute mark.


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10 2014 Apr

Large file transfers for free!

Need an easy and free way to transfer large files to a friend or colleague? Try WeTransfer! Just select a large file, enter your recipient’s email, your email, enter a message if you like, then hit the Transfer button. It’s that simple… Happy sharing!

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8 2014 Apr


Recently joined one of the largest freelance networks: Please check out my portfolio of work when you get a chance! My company, Best Industrial Graphics, creates illustrations and animations for high-tech, marketing and training clients. I offer a wide range of graphic techniques such a 3D rendering, 2D animation or straight-up line drawings.

These graphics help describe technical information to non-technical audiences. Whether you need illustrations for service manual, or a 3D animation for a trade show presentation, I can help. Contact me for a cost estimate of your project.